Monday, 5 October 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 40/52..

A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday 5:45pm - Life at Two..

Much Love & Light

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Taking Stock - SEPTEMBER..

Making : Clay name tags and a macrame arbour hanging for my sister's wedding.  I can't believe it's next weekend. 

Cooking : Birthday cakes! So many of the people I love most are born in September, I feel like I've become a birthday cake making machine. 
Drinking : An extra lovely coffee at Fine and Sunny today.  I don't drink coffee very often and it's usually when I'm styling and playing with pretty things, so it's always a treat. 
Reading:  Peppermint Magazine, the gorgeous Slow Living issue and Michelle's wonderful book for  Tallow's birthday cake recipe. 
Wanting: More hours in the day.  Thank goodness day light savings isn't far a way.
Looking: Forward to seeing my family next week!
Playing: In the mud.. Everyday.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to make mud pies. 
Deciding: What to pack for our whirlwind trip Byron Bay.  
Wishing: I could have a whole day to just make stuff. The creative energy the full moon brought with it this week has been intense. 
Enjoying: Spring sunshine, afternoon wanders, gathering flowers and leaves for new natural dyeing experminents. 
Liking: The thought of a whole day at the beach.
Wondering: How my dining table ended up looking like the aftermath of a craft workshop, (otherwise known as a craftermath). 
Loving: That we just taken the first step into an exciting new venture.  There's a new trailer parked in our garage, just waiting to be transformed. More details coming soon. 
Pondering: Creating an online portfolio.  I'd love to have everything in the one space. 
Buying: The sweetest simple little gold flower girl shoes for Tallow.  
Watching: This beautiful film of India Flint.  Such an inspiration.  
Hoping: To get some jazzy chickens soon.  I'd love some tips on vareties that work well with little onses. 
Marvelling: At how quickly the year has flown by!
Needing: A spring clean of my kitchen cupboards and some sturdier toddler proofing on the doors. 
Smelling: Beautiful orange blossom in the garden. 
Wearing: My new favourite Little Tienda summer dress.  
Noticing: Every leaf and flower I wander past and wondering if it would make a lovely coloured dye. 
Thinking: About love, weddings, family and the precious moments of everyday life. 
Admiring: The moon this week.  It's been truly amazing. 
Sorting: My newly curated, minimalist, conscious wardrobe. It's been three years in the making and I've got it down to under 50 items, that are ethically made, pre-loved and handmade. It's making me very happy indeed.
Getting: Ideas for summer. I think a little family road trip might be in order. 
Bookmarking: So many wonderful concious living articles.  A big love list coming soon!
Opening: The cutest little package from Opposite of Far, a little owl mask and wings for Tallow's Dancey Pants Disco doll, Daisy.
Giggling: At Miss Tallow, making friends at the shops with a little girl and then asking her to dance. Too cute!
Feeling: Giddy with excitement to be the maid of honour for my sister.  I also get to style her big day with the help of the lovely people at The Wedding Shed and I just can't wait!
Wishing: For beautiful weather over the next few weeks!
Helping: With some exciting projects for beautiful people.  
Hearing: Stevie Nicks.. She's so fun to wash up to. Dance party in the kitchen!

Much Love & Light

PS. Thanks to the lovely Pip for the fabulous Taking Stock list.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 39/52..

A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday 11:30am - Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake was one of her favourite party moments..

Much Love & Light

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Journal Your Heart Out - Week Four..

We've made it! It's the final week (with an extra two sneaky prompts to cover the last two days of the month).  I hope your journal is feeling loved and full.  Take a moment to flick back through the pages and acknowledge your journey. Even if it's only a few days, those moments are so valuable and wonderful for your soul.  

Week Four of Journal Your Heart Out finds us finishing with life affirming, positive and joyful prompts to get you thinking about what's to come, hopes, dreams, community and the big picture. Use this as an opportunity to really let loose and embrace the words and images that find their way to your pages. 

As always, feel free to play with the prompts or journey your own path.  It's all wonderful. 

- Slow it Down: My own personal mantra at the moment and a beautiful way to really get in touch with your words and images. Boil the kettle, a really take a moment, to slow down. Write a line or two, the amount isn't important.  It's all about the intention.  Try to stay in the moment.  Flick through your journal pages. Listen, feel and enjoy the gentle pace.

- Who am I: This can be as simple or as complex as you like.  A true investigation into what makes up you.

- Hopes & Dreams: What are your hopes and dreams? How do they take shape? Let them out, watch them soar, write them into being.  Feel them as a part of you. 

- Even more Gratitude: There is always room for more gratitude. A simple list or something more,  it's beautiful to make this a daily or weekly practice.  

- Time: What does time mean to you? Is it fleeting? Are you making the most of it? Would you like to abandon the concept of it all together some days?  Find out how time plays a role in your life. 

- Nurture: Who do you nurture? Who nurtures you? What makes you feel loved, safe, happy? Embrace those moments, the tender details. 

- Nature: Go outside, let the wind brush your cheeks, inhale, catch the last rays of the afternoon sun.  Be there, truly grounded and present and then find a way to capture the essence of that feeling on the page.

- Community: Who is your community? Who would you like to be in your community? How do those people help to shape your life and lift you up?

- Reflection:  Reflect on the month, on your pages, experiences, challenges, joyful moments.  Enjoy looking back at what you have achieved, how far you've come and think about where to from here.

My soul journaling tip for the week.. 

Write with gratitude and love.. A really powerful way to connect and rediscover your voice through journaling is to write with love and gratitude. Filling your pages with positive affirmations, gratitude and moments that bring you great happiness will free your mind, ignite your passions and fill your soul with joy.  It's magic and all kinds of wonderful.

 I hope you've enjoyed this year's Journal Your Heart Out as much as I have.  I'll be back next week with a full list of the prompts so you can go back, catch up and reflect.   Make sure you pop over to Instagram and check out the #journalyourheartout hashtag and add your images too.  And if you're blogging along, be sure to leave a comment so I can check out your posts

Happy Journaling!
Much Love & Light