Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Tale of Little Treasures..

This is a story about little treasures, wandering hearts, an inspiring soul and giving a dream wings to fly.

Once upon a time, many years ago, on a lovely Autumn afternoon while searching for inspiration, I stumbled across a blog called Enhance the Everyday written by a lovely lady by the name of Pia Jane Bijkerk. I was immediately enchanted...  This beautiful girl was living in a little green houseboat in Amsterdam, filled with delightful treasures and the most divine oak dining table I'd ever seen. My heart was filled with wonder as I listened to her play piano and read tales of her adventures to Paris.  

Years past and I continued to avidly read Pia's adventures and was thrilled in 2011 when she announced her five day workshop in Vancouver.  With love and support from my amazing family,    I signed up for the workshop and began dreaming about Autumn days in Canada.  Little did anyone know at the time, that Pia's adventures were going to take her on a wonderfully different journey, when she found out she was expecting her beautiful daughter Laly and unable to run the workshop.  

As fate would have it, in September of 2011, rather than the trip to Canada I was anticipating, my mum and sister and I ventured to New York for an amazing holiday together and while we were there, we dreamt up the concept for Wilde Asher

In May of the same year, Pia's gorgeous new book, My Heart Wanders arrived on my doorstep.  I devoured it in a single day, engulfed the the beauty of each delicate page and blogged about it with sheer delight.  

  Little did I realise the impact this beautiful book would have on my life a little over twelve months later.  I mentioned recently that in the early weeks after we lost our angel Cohen, one of the ways I nurtured my creative soul was to read and My Heart Wanders was one of the first books I picked up.  I was filled with so many emotions, I just wanted to be transported, I wanted to disappear and it was through Pia's tender words and soft images that my heart was able to wander a moment, beyond the grief and loss I was experiencing to a beautiful far off world of Parisian flea markets, cobblestone streets, gentle blooms and distant sunsets.  My Heart Wanders lifted my heart and helped me to see the beauty of life once again.

So it is with such joy, gratitude and love that I write today about Pia's inspiring new adventure, to self publish her beautiful new book, Little Treasures: Made by Hand, a deeply personal project celebrating the beautiful handmade gifts she received from friends around the world after the birth of her daughter, Laly.  

The pages of Little Treasures, like Pia's previous publications are so inviting, so honest and so beautiful.  All of the images for the book were taken inside her home, while her daughter napped, using natural afternoon sun light and the affect is so wonderfully enchanting, I can not wait to hold a copy in my hands.    

But this extraordinary project needs the support of all those who love handmade, who have themselves dreamed big dreams and who are inspired by the incredible dedication, love and courage of this remarkable author.

With only one week of the campaign to go, Pia needs our help.  In return for your thoughtful contributions you can choose from an array of amazing packages.  I was delighted to choose one of the lovely packages that includes a limited edition ceramic bowl by Kylie Johnson.  And I'm also dreaming about attending one of Pia's gorgeous days out, styling, feasting and 'enhancing the everyday'. I couldn't think of a more wonderful outing!

Over the years Pia's images and words have enriched my world, inspired my soul and helped me to   give my dreams wings to fly, so I hope that in return, together this beautiful blogging community can help Pia to see her amazing dream come true.  Pop over to here to check out all the details of the Little Treasures: Made by Hand, to choose a package and to watch the campaign's gorgeous little film too.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with me..
Much Love

Images one and two are of pages from My Heart Wanders, images three and four by Pia Jane Bijkerk


  1. Awesome post - both books sound beautiful, very keen to support this creative endeavour! xo

  2. isn't it crazy how something so little and mundane as a book can have so much meaning. Glad to hear that this book helped you through some hard times.

  3. Such a lovely post! Pia's work is so beautiful, I'm heading over right now to check out more.

  4. You're such a beautiful person! This is so well written. Pia really is an inspiration. I'm thinking I'd love that day out too. Prux

  5. You've inspired me to read her blog and her books. The way you describe your relation to her first book is absolutely beautiful.

  6. The lace and rosemary in that photo are beautiful. I stumbled across and lost Pia's beautiful photos a while ago; I'm so glad you reminded me (and love your own curated library right here!)


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