Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Retro Love..

Some days just made for a little retro love.. Yesterday Annie, Phoe and I took a lovely girly outing to gather inspiration, chat about our exciting new Wilde Asher collections and do a spot of shopping  at the fabulous Woolloongabba Antique Centre, where a retro girl's soul is transported to the charm and vintage romance of yesteryear.  

The perfect retro kitchen window display.. So much to love!

Colour and pattern fill the lovely Tongue in Cheek Vintage shop.

Pink Nallyware.. Always makes my heart sing

Super cute dresses and pattern galore

The retro delights continued at Dissh, with this gorgeous turquoise peacock chair

And my recent retro find.. A lovely Johnson teapot in one of my favourite patterns was waiting for me at the markets on Saturday.  Such a lovely addition to my every growing teapot collection. 

What retro delights have you discovered recently?
Much Love


  1. I'm literally drooling right now!!! I just blogged recently about my alarm clock, but alas it only looks retro! No vintage!

  2. I have a soft spot for most things retro and have had a few lovley finds over summer here in NZ- teapot, coffee set and canister set. I love the coffee canister pictured and that backdrop fabric in the last picture almost made me swoon. I would love to so a spot of shopping at places like that. Cx

  3. That kitchen display is amazing. I'm drooling right now! x

  4. Whoopie - a girly outing :) Looks like you ladies had an all-around great time & found many treasures - I especially favor that coffee canister!

  5. I snapped that exact pic of the Wac window display recently but yours turned out with just the right amount of reflection, it was lovely wasn't it? mel x

  6. Ooo! I'd take that pink coffee canister! I hardly ever find vintage pink kitchen ware! ♥

  7. Wow! I would just love to take everything from these pictures and put it in my home and wardrobe.

  8. Oh my goodness, there is so much to love here. Lovely photos, super inspiring! If only I could find such a cute teapot myself...

  9. My retro heart beats faster when is see this :)!

  10. I just haven't seen any vintage shops in WA that have the same appeal as the shops you find. Some of those dresses look very funky!

    Speaking of which, thank you so much for my Belle Du Jour dress from the Wilde Asher shop. It is the perfect fit and I love it! xx

  11. That teapot is a wonderful find! I came across that exact pattern on a dinner set last year and I passed it up for reasons that seem insignificant now (something about having enough crockery in the house...), and I've regretted it ever since. I've picked up other Johnson of Australia designs since, but none have been as lovely.


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