Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend Adventures - Movies & Making..

After a big week in the Wilde Asher studio working on our upcoming collections for Autumn, searching, sourcing, planning and making, I was delighted that the rainy weather suited my weekend idea to spend time pottering, crafting, movie watching and re-energising for more exciting and busy weeks ahead.   

Saturday.. Ben had some work to finish off, so I enjoyed some time pottering through my grandmother's treasures and finding spots for some favourite pieces.  Also on the to do list, a spot of colourful crochet and plenty of rainy day film watching.   

One of my favourite platters.. Such a sweet mix of floral and art deco styles. 

Crocheting in fruit tingle colours makes me happy on rainy weekends.. 

Sunday.. The overcast morning called for pancakes and lady grey tea, followed by a quick trip to Bunnings for some crafting supplies and a few new herbs, with a fortuitous stop for a sweet vintage treasure on the way.  After some garden crafting (currently one of my favourite weekend past times) we took Jack out to the beach for a lovely afternoon wander and fossick.  

Sunday pancakes and a cute weekend find.. 

A quiet gardening kind of crafternoon.. Just love this little tea pack of herbs and with a few coats of paint and a nautical theme, my stash of recycled tins were transformed into fun planters for my little balcony style garden.  

Jack enjoying the perfect kind of dog afternoon at Sandgate.  Being a dog who grew up in the country, he had never seen the ocean, so it was quite a treat indeed!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you watch any good films? I watched The Words and The Great Gatsby (circa 1974) and enjoyed them both. 

Much Love


  1. I adore the photo of Jack, how can you not just smile when you see how happy he is?! And the nautical planter pots are adorable! We are getting ready to move to Hawaii, so the ocean theme is pulling at my craft-strings! We celebrated a friends birthday here in Seoul, tromped around to find dumpling soup today, and cuddled on the couch:)

  2. That sounds like a great weekend, indeed! Jack is adorable, look at how much fun he's having!
    I recently started watching 'Game of Thrones' and I'm sooo hooked. :) I never got to see 'The Great Gatsby', tho' I enjoyed the book a lot. I might have to see it before the new adaptation hits the movies...

    Have a great week. xo.

  3. The dog looks like he couldn't be happier! I love the nautical theme cans. I am starting a container today - may have to do some painting.

  4. Your grand mother's dish is really beautiful, seen a trailer for The Great Gatsby remake today, will you go and see it? Your wee dog is so cute! x

    1. Oh yes I'm really looking for to the new Great Gatsby. Watched the preview straight after finishing the old film. Can't wait to see what Baz does with it. :)

  5. I ended up watching Funny Face last weekend. Love that movie!

    I also love your grandmother's dish. It's looks 1930s??

    1. Oh I must watch Funny Face, it's always on my to watch list. I think you might be right about the 1930s, with the unusual mix of patterns. I must do a little more investigating into the dish, I think it might have been my great grandmother's.
      Have a lovely week!
      Sophie x

  6. Jack looks like he's having a blast! My dog had a very similar reaction when I moved to Charleston, SC and took him to the beach for the first time. He was slightly terrified by the waves, though. He would run up the beach away from them, as they crashed down and rolled onto the shore. Once he got used to it, he really seemed to enjoy our beach days!

  7. That platter is just insanely gorgeous! xx


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